My story


Hi, I am here to share my life experiences, stories, and personal ups and downs with others that are going or have gone through a divorce. I hope that I will also be able to also share some humor on the situation. I am not perfect, however I try to be very real. I like to tell it how it is, might be a little hard for some. After divorce, I think many of us go through many of the same situations from dating, parenting, and just learning the new you. There are days when we are all a mess, I mean a real mess… and other days we could complete a marathon. We can all use a little guidance throughout the process and after… I definitely wish I would have known more during my entire divorce process and after..

I am a mom of 3 beautiful children who bring me laughter and tears every day. Some days my kids are crazy…I will not be sharing recipes or Pinterest ideas because most of mine have been an epic fail. I love meme’s (or me-me’s, as my co-workers tease me about) because they actually motivate me on days when I need it.

I also will add a little insight on living a healthy living and being active, however I do love me some cocktails and fun. I just finished my Bachelor of Science degree in health and wellness management, so I’m hoping to put that to good use. I love the outdoors and staying active.

After finally sorting through the entire process, I actually feel like this is the real me…

Take it day by day, celebrate the little things, and just live your own life.

Keep it simple. Keep it honest. Keep it real. Keep it you.