Our Kitchen..the place to be...


Our kitchen…. I finally bought a house about 3 years ago for my kids and I.  I bought it for the family room in the basement. I thought this would be great, all of the kids could play and hang out down there. Do you think they ever use it? NO! I just didn’t understand it at first.. I would almost push them all down into the basement. For the love of God, why do they not use this nice family room...

But my kids love to be in the “kitchen”... the kitchen is the place to be and it what I love.  Growing up, I would be hanging out at my best friends house with all of her sisters and friends. It was great and I loved it. I have such vivid memories of all the fun we had throughout high school.  Late night movies, laughing, games, and telling stories..

After I had kids, I wanted to have the house where my kids hung out out with their friends.  I wanted them and their friends to feel comfortable and loved at our home. And I finally have it…I love that my kids friends feel comfortable in our house. They will get their own snacks or know where I keep all the good food and candy.  I love that they know how to unload my dishwasher and clean up after themselves. Sometimes they do it better than my own kids. I love that my kids friends will go play with another sibling other than their own friend. I love that they have sleepovers at my house every weekend.

My house is nothing special, its older and outdated. However, they don’t seem to care and I love that.  My kids don’t really care about all the material things, they just want to feel comfortable or familiar.  Sometimes I will come home and they will all be sitting in the kitchen laughing and talking, all different ages and grades, and still just laughing about life, as they see it. Teasing each other about boys, complaining about teachers, playing music for each other, talking about the show Riverdale, and eating… eating everything in the pantry. Ohh I still get the “You’re so annoying” and the constant eye roll when I walk in…but I don’t care..

My kids, their friends, and my mom friends will sit in our kitchen for hours talking and hanging out.  I love this! I mean there could be a few glasses shared between us mom’s, Sometimes I will ask the kids, why do you want to be around us mom’s, why don’t you go and find something to do… but they will still just hang out.  

Today’s kids grow up so different with all the technology and apps.  I try and make sure I know what is going on in their lives as much as possible...I do all the parent checks on their phones and apps.  But I also give them some freedom and independence, which is important. I grew up writing notes and passing them in class and my parents never read them.  I also grew up talking on the phone until all hours of the night and my parents did not listen to my phone conversations. So, I do think my kids need some privacy, freedom, and independence growing up. I have learned the more comfortable they are with me, the more they will openly talk to you about their life.

I do not know how I did it, but maybe it was from always making sure I have their favorite snacks...but I have always feel comfortable talking to my kids and their friends, asking them about their day, school, other friends, maybe teasing them a little…I also just talk to them about life and normal conversation and they like that.  It works.